This weekend would have been our First Holy Communion Day and Thanksgiving Day. Sadly it is not taking place due to our current situation. But nothing could deter my spirit and so I started this day with lots of thoughts of prayerful remembrance and brought to mind all our Candidates;

Alfie Adams

Dalaigh Ashe

Rose Basquil

Betsy Bradley

Isaiah Caesar

Clark Coffield

Angel Rose Molnar

Fionn James Daley

Thomas Peter Egan

Kai Hyder

Maxwell Hurst

Jean Andre Koidjo

Rose Martin

Lawson Mulhere

Ella Ridge

Vinnie Robinson Harris

Anna Norton Smith

Oliver Wernham


So my dear Parents, Cathechists and Parishioners let us all join in this prayer for all our First Holy Communion Children;


Jesus, I believe, I hope and I love you,

Jesus, I want so much to receive You into my heart,

Although  I am never worthy for You to come to me,

But I know You want me to come to You,

that I may always please you.

Holy Mary, my dearest Mother, pray for me and make my heart ready for Jesus.

Be with me, assist me and give me the grace as you had it, to receive Him in your womb.

Jesus, you are the same one who gave your life for us on the cross and rose from the dead.

Lord, we pray, may the days of trouble pass and joy and celebration may return,

That once again we may come to worship You at Our Lady of the Rosary Church,

And finally make our First Holy Communion Day to receive you in our hearts.